Upright Pianos – Ready to Restore

Upright Pianos – Ready to Restore

Upright Pianos are available for restoration

We currently have a nice selection of upright pianos from the Golden Era. Perfect for a smaller room, these deliver a full and resonant sound due to its larger height, which is simply unavailable in today’s new upright pianos. The beauty of their design, from the gorgeous carved case and lustrous finish to the sturdy mechanics inside, will simply amaze you. Come and see what last century’s impeccable craftsmanship and superior technology, along with a loving and complete restoration, can deliver to you and your family!

Custom Built For You

Pick your piano from among these ready-to-restore pianos now, and you make the decision on all the details! When you get in on the ground floor of the restoration process, you’ll pick the stain color, the hardware, and the shade of the finish. Color: choose from red, brown, black, or any shade in between. Hardware: choose nickel or brass. Shade: pick your favorite! Light, medium, or dark. This custom piano will be built especially for you and your family!

Video: Clint Hughes discusses the wonderful characteristics of the Golden Era upright piano.


BUSH & GERTZ Double Dolphin

This Bush & Gertz piano was called the “Flying Dolphin” model. The intricate and detailed appointments all over this piano lend to its grandeur. Take a good look at all the gorgeous, delicate carvings all around this incredible piano! Four turned pillars on the corners. This magnificent piece will dominate your room with eye-catching beauty and lush and rich sound.



BUSH & LANE #1 One Panel Front

This burled walnut Bush & Lane piano boasts oversized pillars as well as a front panel to match with deep relief carving on the end caps. Intricately carved pillar tops on the legs anchor the piece. The veneer is the most beautiful walnut you’ve ever seen! This majestic piano will be the centerpiece of your living room.



BUSH & LANE #2 Three Button Front

This Bush & Lane upright has one of the most beautiful front panels, with three oval buttons and a carved field, of any upright we’ve ever seen. The combination of ultra smooth curves and its intricate relief carvings provides a delightful counter point. The entire case is constructed with magnificent burled walnut. Deep and luxurious color matches the grandeur of this lovely upright.

CORNISH Victorian

Our Cornish Victorian upright showcases elaborate carvings everywhere.  Beautiful fleur-de-lis and spiral details grace the three-sectioned front panel; four matching, delicately-detailed posts support the music stand; stately carved double legs anchor each side; gorgeous wood grain covers the case — this piano is designed to be viewed and enjoyed from all vantage points.  It’s a great example of an early 20th century Victorian upright.


SCHILLER Bubinga Lattice

This Schiller upright was made especially for the Columbian Exposition in 1892. It is crafted in a Kewazinga Bubinga wood, has a custom made curved bonnet top, and compartments on each side of the piano for sheet music. The wood grain itself is a marvel. The delicate lattice work in front is echoed in the side chambers. On top, the center button is a relief of Schiller himself! An incredible piano! The rich sound booms through the airy front panels, filling your room with its stunning visual beauty as well as lovely music.



SOHMER Double Garland

The deep relief carving of the double garland elements on this Sohmer upright is detailed and beautiful. Two stately pillars provide a visual balance to the intricate relief. Its curvy, whimsical, garland motif covers the entire front panel with beautiful design, exuding a sense of celebration as well. It is majestically encased in an exotic Honduran mahogany wood.


ZIEDLER Four Pillars – Two Available

We have each of the two magnificent Zeidler upright models of the day. The carving on the four turned pillars up top (and four below) on these giants is stately and spectacular. The three center inner carved fields vary between the two models, both of which are unbelievably rich in design and motif.



Golden Era Pianos: The Best Ever Made

The upright pianos built in the early “Golden Era”, between around 1895-1905, were some of the most beautiful musical instruments ever made. They were built beautiful and they were built tall. They were taller than any pianos built today, therefore once fully restored, they have a sound that is bigger than any new pianos you find currently on the market. These Victorian uprights have the sound of the larger grand pianos. With the incredible carvings, embellishments, and exotic wood grain veneers that were used, these uprights are some of the rarest pianos, and truly represent the finest in form and function.

The cost of a full restoration on these uprights is $20K, and that includes delivery to anywhere in the continental United States, as long as it’s on the ground level. So, you choose your favorite, you pay for the restoration, and the piano itself is free. Browse the pictures. If you would like more pictures on any particular piano, contact us and we’ll be glad to send you more.

In our shop, pianos are transformed from old pianos with character to beautifully restored instruments that offer incredible case designs while featuring new actions, strings, and internal parts.

You get the benefits of the craftsmanship of the Golden Era pianos while saving a significant cost compared to similar pianos made today. In truth, some of the older pianos are so unique, it’s hard to find anything comparable in today’s market. You receive a much better value than any new upright currently available.

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