Child Playing Piano
Excerpt from Piano Facts by Bill Finnegan, copyright 1954

A piano bought wisely holds its value longer than almost any other physical possession.

Parents buying a piano so children can learn to play, often assume that any worn out upright or cheap grand will serve the purpose. The reason for buying such a piano usually is — “I don’t know whether my child can learn to play or not.” These same parents don’t doubt that their children can learn to read and write when they are sent to school. Any child can learn to play the piano.

Musical aptitude will vary, of course, partly from innate musical ability and partly from the type of teaching received. However, there is no question that a musical education is one of the finest things that a parent can give a child. It often is said that a fine education is one thing that never can be taken from the owner. Piano study develops poise, rhythm, culture, is always a social asset, and well may be of greater comfort and value in later life than many of the compulsory subjects in high school and college. It is a fact that very few delinquent children come from homes in which they have been exposed to good music.

As always, the hope of America lies in her children.