Grand Pianos – Ready to Restore

Grand Pianos – Ready to Restore

Custom Built For You

Pick your piano from among these ready-to-restore pianos now, and you make the decision on all the details! When you get in on the ground floor of the restoration process, you’ll pick the stain color, the hardware, and the shade of the finish.
Color: choose from red, brown, black, or any shade in between.
Hardware: choose nickel or brass.
Shade: pick your favorite! Light, medium, or dark. This custom piano will be built especially for you and your family!


Chickering Victorian Grand – $29,990.

Built in the 1880s, this Victorian Chickering grand piano is a stately instrument, with a massive three-piece rim, heavily carved Victorian legs, and fully carved lattice music rack.  In our restoration, we will convert its original single-escapement to a modern double-escapement action.  It’s a substantial, manly piano. Fully restored, this piano will be $29,990.



Decker Brothers Victorian Concert Grand – $39,900.

This incredible concert grand piano was built in the 1880’s and was way before its time. Constructed in a rosewood case, this was one of the most stately concert grands built in that day. Details include embellishments in the case, carved legs, and intricate lattice work in the music stand. Fully restored, it will be the centerpiece of any large room it graces.


Kimball Louis XV 5’8″ Grand Piano – $24,500.

This incredible 1920’s piano has gorgeous carving all over the case, and comes with the original bench. The case is in a deep rich mahogany. Fully restored, the price is $24,500.


Knabe Late Georgian-Style Grand – $29,900.

Knabe was the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera House. This baby grand Knabe is adorned with late Georgian-style swag encompassing the entire case. It features unusual ‘gate legs’ with layered fleur-de-lis relief carvings. The Knabe will be stripped of its off-white paint and restored to its original mahogany grandeur. Fully restored, the price is $29,990.



Marshall & Wendall Gothic Grand – $25,000.

Beautiful and rare gate legs are showcased on this 1940’s Gothic-style baby grand by Marshall & Wendall. Features include a Gothic cut music rack, unusual square molding around the lid edge, and an extremely rare matching gate leg bench. Fully restored, the price is $25,000.



 Mason & Hamlin Model ‘AA’ 6’2″ Grand – Two available, each at $25,000.

Right now we have two “Golden Era” Mason and Hamlin Model ‘AA’ 6’2″ grand pianos ready for restoration. One in a beautiful walnut, and the other in a wonderful mahogany grain.  When you get in on the ground level of the restoration process, you get to pick the color of the wood (brown, red, or ebony satin) and the color of the hardware (polished brass or nickel)! The price is $25,000 each, fully restored.



 Pleyel Marquetry Baby Grand – $49,900.

This beautiful piano was made by the famous French company Pleyel, endorsed by many famous composers. They were known not only for their classical sound, but for the beautiful marquetry details covering much of the case. This piano employed a combination of mahogany and satinwood to achieve a symmetry in design unparalleled anywhere in the world. The entire piano is built with the patterns you see in the stripped areas on its lid. A truly spectacular piano!



Sohmer & Co. Victorian SymmetriGrand Baby Grand – $29,990.

This incredible rosewood SymmetriGrand piano was billed as The First 5′  Baby Grand Piano in the 1880s. The name comes from its unusual symmetric case (opposite curves on both sides of the piano). With carved Victorian legs and a rosewood case, it’s a rare and beautiful piano, indeed. Fully restored, the price is $29,990.


Sohmer & Co. Gate-Leg Grand – $19,990.

This Sohmer grand piano boasts a unique gate-leg design and is wrapped in a lovely mahogany case. Its length of 5’10” is perfect for any size room. Fully restored, the price is $19,990.


Story & Clark Deco Louis XV Baby Grand – $25,000.

This beautiful 1940’s Deco-style Story & Clark Baby Grand features an unusual curved second lid which showcases graceful interior cut-outs. The warm and rich walnut and mahogany case has stunning carved details on the legs and the music stand. Fully restored, the price is $25,000.



Wurlitzer Butterfly Baby Grand – $22,500.

A rare and elegant treasure. Our 1930’s Wurlitzer showcases a beautiful “butterfly” design formed from its symmetrical open lids.  This petite baby grand is in a rich Honduran mahogany. Fully restored, the price is $22,500.


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