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“Snapshot of Pianos in the Grand American Piano Shop”

 We specialize in complete restoration of Victorian pianos from Steinway, Mason & Hamlin and other top brands of the Golden Era (1890-1930), or Heyday of Pianos.

 Upright Pianos

Clint Hughes discusses the characteristics of the Victorian upright piano.

 Notes about our Restored Pianos

  • Restored pianos go through a process from original to fully restored condition.
  • Pianos featured on our site may be in original unrestored condition or currently undergoing restoration. Call for current status
  • Each piano will be fully restored with a craftsman approach to quality to piano restoration that includes new strings, new action, and a beautiful, hand-rubbed case finish.
  • For pianos early in the restoration process, you have the opportunity to choose the stain color, finish, and other options.
  • Occasionally, we offer high quality pianos that are not antique (received on a trade-in)
  • Every full restoration consists of these detailed steps:
    1) Refinish case and bench in hand-rubbed satin sheen.
    2) Re-plate all hardware in polished brass or nickel.
    3) Repair and refinish soundboard and plate.
    4) New pinblock, restring treble and bass with new tuning pins.
    5) Respray damper heads, new damper felts.
    6) New Renner hammers, shanks, flanges and wippens wherever possible.
    7) Restore key tops, key frame felts and key bushings.
    8) Regulate action.
    9) Four shop tunings.

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