Grand Pianos – Ready to Buy

Grand Pianos – Ready to Buy

Mason & Hamlin – Fully Restored and Ready to Buy Pianos

  MASON & HAMLIN Screw Stringer Grand

                            Oak Grand 6’2″ The Rarest of the Rare! – $30,000.

Google “Mason Hamlin Screw Stringer” and you’ll see just how rare these are. Most Screw Stringers were uprights, very few were grands. And even fewer Masons were built in this Victorian Oak case. Check out the pictures! The Screw Stringer mechanism worked incredibly well for keeping the piano in tune for several years. As a matter of fact, when we first got this piano into the shop, it hadn’t been tuned for over 30 years, and the tuning was still remarkably stable. This truly is a one-of-a-kind piano!



MASON & HAMLIN Model ‘AA’ Grand

MASON & HAMLIN Model ‘AA’ 6’2 Grand with Ice Cream Cone Legs – $29,000.

This stunning Mason grand piano showcases curvy and exceedingly rare ‘Ice Cream Cone’ legs. A fully restored Mason & Hamlin Model ‘AA’ Victorian grand piano in a lush and warm Honduran mahogany hand-rubbed finish.  This grand boasts delicate lattice work in the music stand and a perfect length for any room. This beautiful and unusual piano currently is in the last stages of the restoration process.





MASON & HAMLIN Model ‘BB’ Grand

A Mighty MASON & HAMLIN  Model ‘BB’, Circa 1917 – $34,000.

Mason & Hamlin Model ‘BB’ #26260, circa 1917. This gorgeous grand piano is fully restored to ‘as new’ condition. A massive piano with a case that is twice as thick as other pianos, a stately full-perimeter plate and the patented Tension Resonator, the Mighty BB is one of the finest pianos ever built. Our signature hand-rubbed ebony finish and ivory keys complete this Victorian masterpiece.





MASON & HAMLIN Model ‘BB’ 7′ Grand

MASON & HAMLIN Model ‘BB’ 7′ 
– $20,000.

Going Back to Black! This unusual and classic piano was bought new in the early 80’s by the TBN Christian Network. It was originally black, but Jan Crouch wanted it painted pearlescent white! We are currently refinishing it back to a gorgeous hand-rubbed black satin finish. It was played by many famous Christian artists through the years, and is still in great mechanical shape. It was built in the early eighties. It’s priced to sell quickly for 20K. Its magnificent length would make a powerful statement in any room. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful ebony glow on this seven foot concert grand! One of the most sought-after grand pianos, rivaling the Steinway B.




Steinway & Sons – Fully Restored and Ready to Buy Pianos

STEINWAY & SONS Model ‘C’ 7’5″ Grand

STEINWAY & SONS Rare Model ‘C’ 7’5″ Grand – $47,000.

Steinway grand Model ‘C’ #61299, circa 1888. Fully restored to “as new” condition. A stately concert grand in ebony satin and presented in a Victorian case. They don’t make the model C anymore and it is the rarest of all the Steinway models, especially with the full 88 notes. If you see them restored on a Steinway dealership’s floor, they are well over $100,000! Both the case and the plate are adorned with embellishments. Notice the incredible full lattice work on the carved music stand and the curvy and sinuous turned legs. Imagine this rare Steinway shining its beauty in your living room!



STEINWAY & SONS Model ‘O’ 5’10” Grand

STEINWAY Model ‘O’ 5’10” Grand – $27,000.

Steinway grand Model ‘O’ #159983, circa 1912. Fully restored to “as new” condition. Enjoy the luster of the deep ebony hand-rubbed finish, the richly resonant sound, and the clean lines of this classic masterpiece. The retail price of a new one is over $71,000; the new pianos don’t have the beauty and substance of the “Golden Era” Steinways of a century ago.  This Victorian baby grand will be the perfect addition to your home.



WEBER Rosewood Grand – Fully Restored

WEBER Rosewood Grand – $29,990.

This magnificent Weber Rosewood grand was constructed in a cabriolet-style leg and has a full 88 notes, like the modern grand, which was rare for a rosewood case. Normally, the rosewood cases had only 85 notes, or 7 octaves. By the late 1890’s, when the Brazilian rosewood supply was nearly depleted, the mahogany and walnut cases started appearing. This is the best of both worlds! Note the gorgeous full lattice music stand. The price is $29,990.


WEBER Louis XVI Oak Grand

WEBER Louis XVI Oak Grand piano – $29,990.

This stately grand was constructed in a rare oak case. The grain is beautiful even in its unfinished state. Take a look at the intricately carved legs! It’s a true Louis XVI design and is as rare as it is beautiful. Fully restored, the price is $29,990.



Grand Pianos For Sale (Other brands, from trade-ins)


HALLET and DAVIS Victorian Rosewood Grand – $19,900.

This Hallet and Davis Rosewood Victorian grand piano is a stately piano. It was rebuilt several years ago, and is still a very solid piano. Details include embellishments on the sides of the case, gorgeous carved legs, and intricate lattice work covering the music stand. The price is reduced to $19,900.


SOHMER & CO. Baby Grand

SOHMER Classic “Cupid” 5’4″ Baby Grand – $7,500.

For it’s smaller size, the Sohmer is a powerhouse and work horse of a piano. Built in the 1920’s, this one was restored several years ago. We received it as a trade-in and is priced to sell! This lovely Sohmer comes with its original ivory keys. Beautiful condition in both the mechanics and the case.





YAHAMA C5 6’7″ Conservatory Grand

YAMAHA C5 6’7″ Conservatory Grand, Circa 1985 – $12,000.

A gorgeous find! This pristine 1985 Yamaha C5E is in near new condition. It has the grippy ivorite keyboard and a Dampp-Chaser unit (for humidity control and longer piano life) that was never used. The Yamaha was a trade-in on a restored Mason & Hamlin purchase. The action is still very tight and has a new feel. This is a genuine, made for the American market, Yamaha (see pic of Yamaha website). If you like the Yamaha sound, and have room for a bigger piano, this is it!


Notes about our Restored Pianos

  • Restored pianos go through a rigorous process from original to fully restored condition.
  • Each piano will be fully restored with a craftsman approach to quality piano restoration that includes new strings, new action, and a beautiful, hand-rubbed case finish.
  • For pianos early in the restoration process, you have the opportunity to choose the stain color, finish, and other options.
  • Occasionally, we offer high quality pianos that are not antique (these were received as a trade-in).
  • Pianos featured on our site may be in original unrestored condition, or currently undergoing restoration, or completely restored. Contact us for current status.


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