Grand American Piano and the Extreme Makeover – Home Edition Show


Clint Hughes with Extreme Makeover Stars
Clint Hughes, Owner of Grand American Piano with Extreme Makeover Stars
“It all began with the show contacting me after noticing this website. They wanted an old Victorian upright they could use along with other musical instruments, to make ’musical chairs’ as part of “Ty’s challenge” for the Marshall-Spreiers family. I sent them photos of a piano and they asked if I would be willing to participate in the dis-assembly.

I worked with the designers, Paul DiMeo, Ed Sanders and Jillian Harris, sifting through all their ideas on how to convert old instruments into usable chairs.

It was very exciting being on camera, making decisions in real-time about what we could and couldn’t do. Could we make the piano chair playable or not, make one long bench or three single chairs out of the piano, etc?

Sunset Grill, Hollywood
The Victorian upright being delivered to the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition set.
This is the piano we used. There was concern expressed about destroying the value, but I assured them that — in original condition, there really was no monetary value — it’s the restoration process that makes a piano valuable. Since this piano was in original condition, unrestored, they were free to make it into anything they wanted. I thought that the French-style legs and long panel pieces made this piano the perfect starting point for what they had in mind. They chose to create chairs, and since I had to leave before they finished them, I was very excited to see the finished product when the episode aired.

I want to thank Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the opportunity to be part of this momentous occasion. I also want to congratulate the Marshall-Spreier family and wish them many years of happiness in their new home, sitting on their musical chairs.”


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Working on the site with cameras rolling
Working on the site with cameras rolling