Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos

Antique Grand Pianos

Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and Top Brand Victorian Pianos

Steinway & Sons A Artcase Grand Piano

Steinway Artcase Piano

Steinway & Sons Pianos Available for Restoration

Steinway Model ‘C’ 7’4″
Victorian ebony Satin case. An incredible rare, full 88-note Steinway concert grand piano!

Steinway Model ‘B’ 6’10” 
The musician’s choice. This Steinway & Sons piano was built in 1917, and is an incredible example of the Golden Era Steinways.

Steinway Model ‘A’ 6’1″ 
This is a wonderful full 88 note 1890’s Victorian grand in the “Fireplug” leg style.  Ebony satin finish. It’s the quintessential Victorian Steinway.

Steinway Model ‘O’ 5’10” 
Still being made at the New York factory, but ours is half the price! Can either be finished in ebony or mahogany satin. Your choice!

Steinway Model ‘O’ 5’10” 
Current model both in New York and Hamburg factories. Ebony satin finish.

Steinway Model ‘O’ 5’10”
Original ivories, very nice! Ebony satin finish.

Steinway Model ‘L’ 5’10”
Square tail version of the ‘O’, built from 1924-2006. A very beautiful piano.

Steinway Model ‘M’
Current model at the New York Factory. Most popular of the Steinway baby grands, finished in ebony satin.

Mason & Hamlin

Mason & Hamlin ‘BB’
Model BB 7′ semi-concert grand. One of the most sought after grand pianos, rivaling the Steinway B. This was built in the Golden Era and will be refinished in an ebony satin finish.

Mason & Hamlin ‘AA’
Model AA 6’2″ grand. Huge sound for a parlor grand. Can be refinished in either ebony or walnut satin, your choice!

Mason & Hamlin Model ‘AA’
Victorian grand with beautiful “ice cream cone” legs. Mason & Hamlin pianos are exceedingly rare with Victorian leg style. This elegant instrument is finished in Honduran mahogany. A very special piano!


Baldwin Model SD10 9′
This instrument is a full 9′ concert grand. The famous Baldwin concert piano, built in the 60’s. Thunderous sound, finished in ebony satin.

Trade-In Piano

Kawai GS70 Grand PianoKawai
Kawai Model ‘GS70’ 7’4″ semi-concert grand. One of Kawai’s best in ebony satin.

Petrof Grand PianoPetrof
Petrof Model III 6’3″ grand, circa 1994. Polished flame mahogany finish. A very nice piano!
New retail price: $76,420! Our price: $12,000

Notes about our Restored Pianos

  • Restored pianos go through a process from original to fully restored condition.
  • Pianos featured on our site may be in original unrestored condition or currently undergoing restoration. Call for current status
  • Each piano will be fully restored with a craftsman approach to quality to piano restoration that includes new strings, new action, and a beautiful, hand-rubbed case finish.
  • For pianos early in the restoration process, you have the opportunity to choose the stain color, finish, and other options.
  • Occasionally, we offer high quality pianos that are not antique (received on a trade-in)

We have an ever changing inventory of upright and grand pianos

In our shop are vintage pianos by manufacturers including Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Sohmer, Schiller, and many more from the Golden Era or Heyday of Pianos.

Please call (877) 742-6677 or use our online form to inquire further. Your questions are welcome!