Free Piano for Restoration

For several years we offered a free antique piano. We called it piano adoption. However, the offer was based on customer’s paying for the restoration. In reality, most of the value in older instruments comes from them being restored in both physical aesthetics and having new internal components that bring back their fine musical sound, tone, and touch.

The least expensive way to get a high end piano in your home is to find a worthwhile vintage piano from a top brand. Then, have it fully restored. Good brands include Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Chickering, Knabe, Sohmer, Steinert, or other prominent manufacturers from the heyday of pianos. With a fully restored piano, you get an instrument that is better than 90% of what you can find today. This is because the older pianos were made to a higher standard, used materials largely unavailable today, and incorporated carving and other physical embellishments rarely found on any piano made today.

What’s more, the restored piano can cost you half the price of a comparable new piano.

Clint Hughes, Piano Restorer
Clint Hughes, Owner, Grand American Piano
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